Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McDonald's finds commercial ideas on YouTube

So Arnold is the agency behind this Chicken McNuggets spot that's been airing in the New York area for the last few weeks, one of two McDonald's spots, according to this story in The Boston Globe, that incorporates films about McDonald's that have been posted on YouTube over the last year or so. (It's kind of odd that they feel the need to put in a subtitle that says, "Actual User Generated Content." Now if I could just get clear on the contents of a McNugget.) The clip that this is originally from, which has so far gotten more than 150,000 views, is located here. I couldn't find the other spot, which was produced by Karsh/Hagan, though here is the clip that inspired it, wherein a group of guys goes to the drive-thru and sings their order, and, most amazingly, the drive-thru employee who has to listen to them ramble on for two minutes actually doesn't get mad. You know that this had to have taken place nowhere near New York. (The commercial itself is airing only in the Midwest.)

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