Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fight breaks out over who owns magenta

The path to this post is circuitous, but it speaks quite eloquently to the power of social media. To recap: I was trolling Facebook this morning when I saw that Crayon founder and man-about-social-media Joseph Jaffe had swapped in a new picture, which you see here--a pretty magenta square with the words "T-Mobile Sucks." So, I followed a link on Facebook to a note from Joseph which says the following: "So as it turns out, apparently Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile thinks it owns the color "magenta" and sent this nasty notice to the folks over at Engadget Mobile (page 1; page 2)." It reads in part, "The color is plainly used in a trademark-related way on this website to highlight the headings of different postings." Of course--quadruple duh!--Engadget fought back by at least temporarily going magenta, and other blogs have done so in solidarity ... the movement even has an official logo. Needless to say, it's magenta.

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