Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On the other hand, Modernista doesn't get it

By now you must know that Modernista has gotten boatloads of publicity over its non-Web site Web site which simply refers people to what others are saying about them online. So, Brian Morrissey at AdFreak this morning reports that not only did Modernista "steer" its Wikipedia entry, but that company founders Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke wouldn't wow anybody with their Web 2.0-o-city. Now, Brian tweets that Wikipedia has posted the following on its Modernista page: " The website for this company obscures our logo with their own, and may lead the viewer to believe that Wikipedia serves as their homepage provider. This is not correct. Wikipedia has no affiliation with Modernista and has requested that Modernista cease this use of our website. Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia written from a neutral point of view and does not endorse nor condemn Modernista, but is opposed to being used as a promotional mechanism in this manner for any third party." No one said this Web 2.0 thing was gonna be easy, you know.

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Brian Morrissey said...

Fair is fair, ClickZ's blog pointed out the Wikipedia page, which was originally pointed out by Marc Schiller on Twitter.