Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post that's almost like being in Laguna Niguel!

Nope. No one paid the freight to get Adverganza to Laguna Niguel for the renamed 4As Leadership Conference. Rather than wallow in self-pity, as new 4As chairman Tom Carroll has also asked those lucky enough to be in southern California for the conference to refrain from, I plan to be useful, by posting links to stories from those who are actually there.

—Here's Stuart Elliott's write-up from The New York Times.
The Ad Age story by from Rupal Parekh.
Andrew McMains' story from Adweek.

Having read this post, can't you feel the cool ocean breeze gently stroking your face?


Anonymous said...

Catharine, the AdAge link goes to Cheers and thanks. Personally, I'm glad I'm not there.

Catharine P. Taylor said...

thanks. It's fixed...!