Thursday, May 1, 2008

More coverage of the 4As Leadership Conference

Thought I'd bring you a few more links this morning to coverage of the 4As, as some of our favorite publications (or most high-profile anyway), have posted a few more stories. Here you go:

—Yahoo and Microsoft tell the assembled multitudes that they're not the agency world's frenemies.
Lee Clow, sporting "adidas" t-shirt pronounces, "Yes, television can work. Just shitty television doesn't work."
Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the problems with YouTube.
—Stuart Elliott's wrap-up, including the appearance of non 4As member Jeff Goodby to remember Hal Riney, and lots and lots of naughty words, said from the podium no less! Truly a new day has dawned.

By the way, unless I'm missing something, The Wall Street Journal didn't send anyone.

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Anonymous said...

Suzanne Vranica was there.