Monday, May 7, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks

Wherein we give you Cliff Notes as to what’s worth reading from Monday’s advertising coverage, and nothing that’s not.

From Advertising Age:
Nissan sorta-kinda doesn't think it's marketing is that good. New business directors, better send 'em that reel.

Bob Garfield likes a "slightly effeminate English adult with high-button shoes."

MediaVest takes its anger out on the magazine industry.

Euro RSCG's David Jones has found the woman for him.

From Adweek:
Asked to come up with a hypothetical campaign celebrating Barry Bonds’ imminent breaking of Hank Aaron’s home run record, Daniel Russ of R&R Partners Las Vegas says, “As one who grew up in Atlanta idolizing Hank Aaron, I would implement a media agnostic, tactical, integrated, 360-degree, completely repurpose-able campaign, all tied into Hamburger Helper. Why? Because it's fake, it enhances something that's real, and no one has any respect for it.”

The Clios are going to be really good again—in about two years.

Barbara Lippert thinks Rachael Ray for Dunkin' Donuts is lame-o.

Do worldwide creative directors really matter? Only if you want them to matter.

From The New York Times:
How many people are really in the market to have their cell phone branded with the name of a women's softball team?

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