Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ford tells users how to escape boredom

Ford seems to have launched a new campaign under the banner, "Boredom Hurts," which also has a connection to Flickr. That's where I saw this graphic first—as part of a thin strip at the bottom of the Flickr home page, carrying the message: "The evidence is here. A menacing Boredom epidemic is currently spreading across the globe." Because I have an advertising blog, I clicked on it and was led to an explanation of how to join a Flickr group focused on pictures of, well, boredom. Another link, to "10 Principles for a Boredom-Free Life" shows a massive picture of a Ford Escape, which I guess explains everything. If you're not too, um, bored with this whole concept, you can also go to boredomhurts.com and look at a guy named Colin sitting in a hospital gown, who is—you guessed it—suffering from boredom. I've seen better efforts, but I suppose I've seen worse too.

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