Sunday, July 15, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks

In which we let you know what's really worth reading from Monday morning's ad news dump.

From Advertising Age:

Does the shuttering of Jane, and the, um, abortion of Cocktail signal a shift in female media consumption?
Sociology prof says viral marketing has caught a cold.
How Nielsen/NetRatings de-emphasis of page views changes what passes for popular online.
Advertising Week will embrace social responsibility. But this is the ad industry, people!
Apparently because nothing worthwhile was breaking nationally, Bob Garfield gives 3.5 stars to the long-running campaign for Sonic Burger. You can see more of the 115 spots in the series here.
From The New York Times:

Saturn Germany's "Stinginess is good!" tagline proves almost too successful.
Sheryl Crow gets lots of endorsements.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The TV networks discover Twitter.

From Adweek:

This is one of what they call a "dark week" at Adweek, where no trees were killed to give you the non-news that happens in mid-July. Or something like that. With that in mind, here are the niblets we could find on the site:

—Former Adweek reporter, and current JWT trendspotrix Ann M. Mack compares the presidential candidates to the cast of Gilligan's Island. Can a discussion of the parallels between Hillary Clinton and Alice on The Brady Bunch be far behind?

—Interpublic Group launches Ansible, a new mobile marketing shop, which will operate as a joint venture with a London mobile shop called Velti. According to Wikipedia, an "ansible" is "a hypothetical machine, capable of superluminal communication, and used as a plot device in science fiction literature." Someone's been watching too many Star Trek reruns.

From The Delaney Report:

—Is Ford's corporate advertising going into review? Maybe Tom knows.

From Mediapost:

—Couldn't we live without an Association for Downloadable Media?
—Riccardo Zane leaves OgilvyOne to head's New York office as president. Can't think of anything funny to say about this. Sorry.
—Aegis Group hires a chief information officer from News Corp., David Bulman. Whaddya want a bet hiring a CIO becomes the "it" personnel move in the ad industry this year?

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