Monday, July 23, 2007

Links to 'USA Today''s most remembered ads

As part of its series of "25" lists, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the paper, USA Today has published its list of the most remembered commercials of the last 25 years. Note that the operative adjective here is "memorable." How else would Mrs. Fletcher come in at No. 1? Couldn't resist posting the clip, above, along with links to as many of the commercials as I could find below, which, strangely, did not include the Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial where his hair got set on fire. You mean, nobody has posted that to YouTube? It's worth noting that none of the ads are from the current decade. In an era of increased media fragmentation, becoming remembered must be getting harder. Without further ado, enjoy the nostalgic ride.

2. Apple Macintosh: 1984.
3. Wendy's: Where's the Beef? (1984).
4. Isuzu: Joe "Trust me" Isuzu (1986). (OK, this link is really to his "comeback" ad. Note the framed Adweek cover in the background.)
Energizer Bunny (1989).
6. Bartles & Jaymes: Thank You for Your Support (1985).
California Raisin Advisory Board: Heard it Through the Grapevine (1986).
Budweiser: Croaking Frogs (1995).
Bush campaign: Willie Horton (1988).
10. California Milk Processors Board: Got Milk? (1993).
11. Partnership for a Drug-Free America: "This Is Your Brain on Drugs" (1987).
12. Ikea: Gay Men Shopping (1994).
13. McDonald's: Nothing but Net (1993).
Pepsi: Michael Jackson on fire (1984).
Reagan Campaign: Morning in America (1984).
Nike: Bo Knows (1989).
17. Nike: Revolution (1987).
18. Pardon Me, Would You Have Any Grey Poupon? (1984).
Federal government: Crash Test Dummies (1985).
20. Playtex: Model (1987).
Chevrolet trucks: Like a Rock (1991).
22. New Coke: Max Headroom (1986).
23. Because Pets Can't Drive (1999). Hmmmm ... Never before noticed the resemblance between the sock puppet and Triumph, the Comic Insult Dog.
Reebok: Dan & Dave (1992).
Taster's Choice soap opera (1991).

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