Monday, July 23, 2007

Wendy's red wig in vogue

Apparently, Wendy's has sided with me and decided that it really oughtta use the Wendy's red wig in more ads than that silly one where the people kick the trees. There's another guy outfitted in a red wig in the current commercial for the (guffaw!) Baconator (above), and according to this story, the kids are loving the tree commercials, and allegedly posting their own versions online. (I found only one, which may or may not have been.) OK, as silly as this whole wig gambit is (and weirdly reminiscent of Crispin's resurrection of The King for Burger King--get ready for the selling of Wendy's red wigs at Halloween), give Saatchi and Saatchi credit for coming up with a memorable visual that nails down what brand is being advertised.

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