Friday, July 27, 2007

Digital inmates to run asylum at Carat?

This just in from Mediapost's Joe Mandese: Carat Fusion's Sarah Fay and Scott Sorokin are being named CEO and president, respectively, of Carat as part of a restructuring that will completely dissolve the line between the on and offline units. Certainly, integration seems to be gaining ground at last, but what makes this news truly noteworthy is that the executives from the digital media side of the business are taking over. I'm always leery of claims at industry firsts, but this actually may qualify as one. As part of the reshuffle, Ray Warren, a former OMD exec who has been president of Carat USA and president of Carat Media Group Americas, is said to be leaving the company.

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Anonymous said...
This blog says something similar - the digital head is running the biz and that's a good thing.