Monday, July 30, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks

A look at what the ad news is this morning. I'd say the bar for news today has been set pretty low.

From Ad Age:

—Account planners have to learn to play with others.
—Advertisers and MySpace are stuck with each other.
A story about the diet drug Alli, which actually has released a commercial about its unfortunate pooping side effect. (See, I told you the bar was set pretty low.)
StrawberryFrog might be bought ... by frogs!
—Jonah Bloom needs a vacation.

From Adweek (no print issue this week, so no trees were killed in reporting this news):

—A Q&A with Carat Americas CEO David Verklin, on last week's merger of Carat's digital and non-digital units, a story which Ad Age, seems to have ignored.
—Broadband it like Beckham: a look at how digital media is changing sports marketing.
A close look at the RFP for the Sony PlayStation review reveals a brand at a "crossroads."

From The New York Times:

—Environmental groups try to pressure Home Depot into not advertising its "Eco Options" line on global-warming friendly Fox News.
—Ed Anger, who doesn't live anyway, will now only live online.

From Mediapost:

—A look at the pros and cons of asking an insurance guy to market Coke.
—McDonald's holds a concert tour—in its parking lots.
—A Q&A with Carat CEO Sarah Fay about last week's restructuring.

What we hear from The Delaney Report:

—Is USAA going into review?
—Is McGarryBowen looking to sell?

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