Friday, August 3, 2007

Ogilvy's Wikipedia entry: a cautionary tale

So yesterday, induced, perhaps, by the month of August, I began to what might be a series of posts on agency's Wikipedia entries. I'm skipping ahead to Ogilvy & Mather's here because it's a great example of how not to post to Wikipedia. The good news is it looks as though the agency is actually paying attention to what is said about it on the site; the bad news is it's being used as a self-promotion channel, which is not what Wikipedia intends. The entry has been flagged at the top with this notice: "This article or section is written like an advertisement. Please help rewrite this article from a neutral point of view per Wikipedia policy." Since the entry contains "insights" such as "In 2004 Verge, the OgilvyOne Digital Summit was launched. Within a few short years, Verge has grown to become the preeminent agency-led forum for clients and other industry experts to debate and discuss the realities and possibilities of digital marketing ... " I can see Wikipedia's point.

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