Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is your agency on Wikipedia? BBDO is.

Thought it might be interesting to see which agencies rate an entry on Wikipedia, and if your agency doesn't have one, better get cracking. I'm not saying that Wikipedia entries are the be-all- and-end-all, but since agencies tend to be fairly miserable at self-promotion, particularly in the digital realm, might be something you'd at least want to check in on in case a new business prospect gets misled by all of the shite printed out there about agencies. So here's the first in an ongoing series of what Wikipedia is saying about you. First up in alphabetical order—BBDO, because Arnold didn't seem to have one. Someone (or someones?) has been spending a lot of time on the shop's entry, which befits an agency that goes back to the 1920s (or 1891, depending on how you count it). There are even bios of the agency's founders. However, there is a 13-year gap in the last two entries about the agency's history. It only mentions 1994, when the shop was named Agency of the Year by Adweek and Ad Age, and then skips to 2007, when, gee whiz, the agency won another bunch of awards. No mentions in the intervening years of Cindy Crawford, David Lubars, or Andrew Robertson. Not a bad page, but it needs some work.

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Anonymous said...

Draftfcb have one. No mention of layoffs though.