Tuesday, July 31, 2007

YouTube makes viral more viral

Looks like YouTube launched a new interface this morning for all of the videos from the site that are embedded all over the Web—which, one can assume, only shows up after a user has played a video once. (See above, which is only a screenshot.) Like so many good ideas, it's really fairly simple—obvious even. The new interface makes it easier to get the code (that's the embed icon in the upper right), and the URL for a video and seed it yourself. The other obviously cool feature is the menu of related videos at the bottom of the screen. I stole this screen grab from a post I did last week on Dove's new hair campaign, and, as you can see, the related videos include the Dove "Evolution" video (along with a photoshopping of Britney Spears, but I'll spare all of us.) This is destined to have a big effect on YouTube traffic—it's as though the site just dispersed YouTube sitelets all over the Internet. How viral, dude.

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