Thursday, December 13, 2007

Citgo Joe returns with new ad

Somehow I missed the Joe Kennedy/Citgo commercial last year, in which Joe says that, thanks to a deal he's struck with Citgo, people who can't afford oil can now get it at a discount. The commercial from last year is above, but there's a new one out, that basically holds up the citizens of Venezuela, and Citgo, as model citizens, who really care for their shivering American counterparts, whereas the American government ... Not surprisingly, Kennedy took a lot of, well, heat, for this campaign last year because of the Hugo Chavez connection, but I guess he remains undeterred.

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Anonymous said...

This ad deserves to be panned not only from a creative advertising perspective but because of the gross dishonesty behind the false dichotomy set up between liberal democratic America and brutal dictatorial Hugo Chavez/Venezuela.

Things like this are what give advertising a bad name.