Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hyundai gets cold feet about Super Bowl

Now here's something you don't see very often: an advertiser threatening, only weeks before game time, to pull out of the Super Bowl. Automotive News, via Ad Age, is reporting that Hyundai is considering pulling out of the game, citing the economy as the reason. The company had bought two spots which, given pre-game hype about how expensive the game is, should be costing them about $5.4 million. So is Hyundai overthinking everything by threatening to pull out? You'd have to wonder. Unless they've bought "American Idol" and whatever else new programming we'll see in the next few months, where else are they going to get a big, impassioned audience in the near-term? I don't know, unless the writers' strike ends miraculously tomorrow. UPDATE: The client changed its mind.

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