Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TBWA's Gerry Graf to Saatchi, per 'Adweek'

So, just got an email alert from Adweek that TBWA/Chiat/Day's Gerry Graf is going to Saatchi, presumably to replace Tony Granger who is hanging out on a beach somewhere until he can go to Young & Rubicam. (But who would want to, I ask?) We all know this is a major coup. My personal plea to Gerry is this: find a way to save the red wig. It's been really good for my traffic. Congrats to Adweek's Andy McMains for being first on the case. Above, a short-haired Gerry Graf which I cribbed from the Creativity Online Web site video retrospective of Gerry. Did you know that Gerry once posted the Donny Deutsch Speedo shots at a place called Grady's Corner in the office? The things you learn when you're trolling for screen grabs (his confession is in Episode #6).

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