Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What the hell is Chilondonoscow?

Maybe I'm just dense, but as I see more and more of these AT&T billboards, I'm discovering that much of the time, I'm not sure what places they're talking about. I wish they'd just give us a teensy-weensy clue at the bottom. The one above, for instance, I kept thinking had something to do with Chile. (As I said, maybe I'm just dense. Kinda missed the word London.) But the real point here isn't my own lack of brain cells--it's that it distracts people from the ad's message if people are scratching their head over it. Picture via SA_Steve on Flickr.


mikelite said...

well, they do give you the little icons on the AT&T globe logo. But those are pretty small.

That being said, this campaign was great when Virgin Mobile did it four freakin years ago for Chrismahanukwanzakah

Alan Wolk said...

I think Chi is "Chicago"

Emphasis on the "think"

Anonymous said...

Toad's right. I did something like this for Super 8 actually a year ago. It's the names of all the cities the typical road warrior sees which become a blur after too much time spent on the road. So Chilondonoscow is really Chicago London Moscow.

To the road weary at least.