Thursday, February 21, 2008

The caveman is back and he's a b-ball ref

Unclear as to what the connections are between cavemen, basketball and car insurance, but Geico gets something I don't. Just noticed it's trying to build the biggest hoops bracket ever via a Facebook app, with a caveman guru as a guide. The links between all of these may indeed be tenuous, but Geico is thought of as a friendly enough brand these days that this'll probably do really well.

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Alan Wolk said...

I've seen a similar basketball bracket thingy on FB from CBS Sports.

Who would seem to have more credibility with sports fans (being CBS *Sports* and all) than a caveman.

That's the danger with these sorts of promotions- when you veer into territory where someone else is a legit expert, you run the risk of seeming like a poseur