Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eating up this Shark Week promo

Discovery Channel always does an awesome job of promoting Shark Week, usually in some entirely bizarr-o fashion, such as one element of this year's version--shark-mouthed pedi-cabs in New York. They look best when a few of them are lined up together. I saw this one outside of Bryant Park on Monday, and a whole bunch of others in a row just outside Grand Central. Unfortunately, my picture is too lousy for you guys to see that the pedi-cab drivers are dressed up as lifeguards. Doubt that taking one of these costs anything--except for an arm, and a leg. Ha! Sometimes I just crack myself up.


Anonymous said...

Always appreciate your wit.
Excellent blog!

Unknown said...

Loving the Shark Week pedicabs too- brilliant vehicle (pun intended, since we're going that route!) for the ads.

The impact of seeing a bunch of them hurtling up Sixth Avenue is pretty awesome.

Any idea who does that? Is it in-house?