Thursday, July 31, 2008

That Hilton-Spears-Obama ad

In case you haven't seen it, thought I'd post the new John McCain commercial that manages to link Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with Barack Obama, even though, to my knowledge, Obama has never been seen exiting a limo without his panties. The strategy is interesting, to say the least, and an effective tool to target voters who question Obama's leadership abilities. But to many people, this commercial is bound to come off as so much sour grapes since it's doubtful McCain could ever draw a crowd of 200,000 people in Berlin. The problem with knocking Obama for being a celebrity is that Americans love celebrities, and, on a more serious note, many of us would like us to get our international credibility—and swagger—back. In that area, Obama looks like the guy.


Anonymous said...

and the only celebrity names that come to McCain's addled brain are Spears and Hilton...that figures..

Anonymous said...

Have Britney and Paris consented to having their images so abused by Senator McCranky?

If he was a consumer product, he'd get his pants sued off.

Anonymous said...

Such a dumbing down of the wonderful guilt by association maneuver.
I mean 60 years ago Richard Nixon linked Helen Gahagan Douglas to Marxist Congressman from Italian Harlem Vito Marcantonio by showing how their votes mirrored each other. Dubious, but Vito really did like Stalin.
12 years ago, Clinton linked Dole with unpopular Newt Gingrich that half the country thought the Republican candidate was Dole Gingrich.
Makes you long for the early days of the campaign when Reverend Wright and Reverend Pflaeger and the weather underground were the linkages.

Anonymous said...

this is embarrassing. and stupid. i am an immigrant to this country and stuff like this makes me cringe and question my adopted country's sanity.

mccain is demonstrating one thing loud and clear. he's no statesman.

and shouldn't his advanced age alone disqualify him from contention. would you elect him CEO of your company?

Anonymous said...

bring him out to the tundra
and leave him for the walruses to gnaw
the way do it back in aleut land

Viagra Online said...

I think the point here is that both spears and Hilton are seen like the stupid celebrity-blonde girls. And this is what they wanted the people to see. Which I actually found really offensive.