Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adverganza's Friday morning picks, 10.17.08

Wherein I scan the Friday morning headlines, so you don't have to:

From Advertising Age:

--Google gets even vaguer about the future of search.
--"Microsoft, Once Again, Officially Not Interested in Yahoo" Nice headline.
--Real Simple's TV show a true joint venture.
--3 Minute Ad Age: the money machine that is customized M&Ms. Did you ever hear that eating green ones makes you horny?

From Adweek:

--Google's net income rises 26 percent; Wall Street happy for once.
--Today's Ad of the Day is below for Holiday Inn Express. (Sorry, it didn't have an embeddable link at the Adweek site.) Mark Dolliver likes it, while admitting that the connection between the newborn baby and the "Stay Smart" tagline is tenuous, even if it is utterly amazing that the baby cuts its own umbilical cord. Other spots in the series are available here. Via Fallon Worldwide.

--Now Bebo is trying Webisodes. I'm so done with them.

From Brandweek:

--So, Kmart is trotting out the layaway plan. Will that work in an instant gratification society? Maybe this is what the presidential candidates mean by sacrifice.
--Gap won't run any TV ads for the rest of its fiscal year, shifting some money to non-traditional media.
--The FTC cracks down on those annoying male enhancement spammers.

From Mediapost:

--Karl Greenberg muses that maybe the ANA conference should have been held at Motel 6.
--Marketers should focus on "inferior brands" right now, says Booz & Co.
--"Hey! Nielsen" shuts down, to be replaced by something mysterious and consumer-centric.
--AdBrite lays off 40 percent of staff, only a week after Sequoia Capital's "Come to Jesus" meeting with companies it's funding.
--Fox and the CW show improvement in a C3-ed world.
--Tom Calderone named president of VH1.
--Are magazine publishers discounting by as much as 75 percent?

From Mediaweek:

--Eleanor Griffin named top editor at Southern Living.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Who is the bad economy good for? Suze Orman and her endorsement deals. Subscription required.

Have a good weekend!

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