Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adverganza's Thursday morning picks, 10.09.08

OK, it's day three of my experiment to do the picks every day. The kiddies are still asleep, so let's roll. When the picks roll, they roll big. (And if you don't get that joke, here's a clue.)

From Advertising Age:

--Does this mean Jerry Seinfeld out, Common in?
--MindShare buys Michaelides & Bednash, which, according to this story, "practically invented media planning." Never heard of 'em.
--Mother sells some of its sausage. I didn't even know it had sausage. Anyway, this'll be a trend if Brooklyn Brothers sells some of its chocolate.
--Some of the pizzazz out of Yaz.
--Three-minute Ad Age: Actual footage of Ocean Spray's cranberry bog in Rockefeller Center (see photo above, or read Mark Dolliver's singular take on the midtown bog at AdFreak).
--Film at 11! Eric Schmidt says the Internet is "a cesspool." (Yeah, that was taken out of context. Go click on the link, wouldya?)

From Adweek:

--Movie ads now allowed on Oscars. Frankly, I'd never noticed that there weren't any.
--AdSense goes game.
--How can 82 percent of TNS shareholders be wrong?
--Rich Gagnon doesn't think that we've nothing to fear but Google itself.
--Ad of the Day: the Routan Babymaker 3000. Scare your friends! Your fiance! And your future or current spouse!

From Brandweek:

--Progresso, Campbell's sling soup at each other.
--Dissolvable tobacco. Ewwww!

From Mediapost:

--Yep, people are shopping at discount stores.
--Here come the "disease-modifying" osteoarthritis drugs. Just in time for me to become an old biddy!
--More on that Honda campaign that causes rumble strips to play the "William Tell Overture." (Here's someone driving on it on YouTube. Sounds a little pitch-y to me. The actual ad doesn't drop until Sunday.)--Up with Dough Boy, down with that guy my 4-year-old refers to as "Chef Boy."
--The good news about faltering car dealerships: they are focusing more online.
--Google consoles beleaguered travel advertisers.
--Uh-oh. The Center for Digital Democracy is asking states to investigate targeting practices on Facebook and MySpace.
--Search guys say, "What me worry?"
--Nielsen now has its convergence panel up and running. I've heard that people sometimes use more than one medium.
--The Star-Ledger lives to see another day.

From Mediaweek: decides to become a financial adviser.
--The second presidential debate draws more audience than the first, but still not as much as that Biden/Palin smackdown.

From The New York Post:

--Liz Claiborne (who's dead by the way), Narciso Rodriguez part ways.

From The New York Times:

--We know a bit about the social graph in Wasilla, Alaska, but now Vaseline has discovered what it is in Kodiak.
--Stuart Elliott's story about the campaign to tell teens to watch their language is currently #7 on the Times' business most-read hit parade.

From The Wall Street Journal:

--Goldman Sachs down on the outlook for advertising. Hey, guys, just because your business is tanking doesn't mean you have to piss all over ours. Subscription required.
--Ever heard of the NFL's Coach Stilo? He doesn't really exist but the League is all over him. Free.

OK, we're done. Hope everyone appreciates that I did part of this with a 4-year-old in my lap.

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