Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adverganza's Wednesday morning picks, 10.08.08

Day two, my friends, of my picks-every-day experiment. Pray for me. ("My friends" is a hilarious reference to John McCain. Laugh already, would you?)

From Advertising Age:

—Hyundai buys all of the spots General Motors had bought for the Oscars. There's a metaphor here somewhere.
Crispin wins the Old Navy account. Look for ads starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld looking for deals on hoodies. Oh, wait, I'm confused.
"The Sarah Palin Micro Economy." Yes, Tina Fey is a big part of it.
Google's Tim Armstrong wants to hold a town hall with the Association of National Advertisers to discuss the Google/Yahoo deal. Tom Brokaw would moderate. Ha! I meant Gwen Ifill.
—Three-minute Ad Age: Bad economy got you down? Talk to Reader's Digest Association's Suzanne Grimes.

From Adweek:

TNS says political ad spending will break a record, at $2.5 billion. The good news? That's way more than the $1.4 billion spent in 2004. The bad news? TNS originally predicted it would be $3 billion.
The ups and downs, um, of Levi's "Unbutton Your Beast" campaign.

From Brandweek:

Duracell, Maggie Gyllenhall, campaign to power smiles, etc.
All about CRM at HP.

From Mediapost:

Diddy as Frank Sinatra?
—Despite the lousy economy, people apparently still need their gadgets.
Car dealerships, just like Darwin's theory of evolution.
—Woo-hoo! Internet ad spending up 15.2 percent in the first half of 2008 per the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Boo! Growth flat between first and second quarters.
Magazines better than TV at ROI, per Marketing Evolution. Strangely, I don't think this study was released at the American Magazine Conference.
Mediapost introduces Red, White & Blog.

From Mediaweek:

People actually watching Major League Baseball playoffs. Well, it's a great diversion.
What Michael Eisner said at the Veoh Forum.
—You can buy stuff on YouTube.
—American Magazine Conference attendees try to "carefully connect" with people who still read paper.

From The New York Post:

Thanks for playing, Linens 'n' Things!
—Keith Kelly does a roundup of the American Magazine Conference ... and you are there!

From The New York Times:

—Hey teens! The Ad Council says watch your language!

From The Wall Street Journal:

Honda Fit all over Sony, sites that is. Free.

OK, gang. That's all she blogged.

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