Friday, October 10, 2008

Adverganza's Friday morning picks, 10.10.08

Here's what's worth reading (or maybe, with all of the shitty financial news out there, avoiding), in marketing, media and advertising:

From Advertising Age:

--The AdMarket 50 dropped 6.2 percent yesterday. But look on the bright side! The Dow dropped even more!
--Obama looking to buy a 30-minute block on major TV networks, possibly a roadblock, on Oct. 29th. Now try that on for size, John McCain.
--Something about advertisers and Web-TV shows at Sorry, enthusiasm waning.
--Q scores about to get smarter about the Hispanic market(s).
--Three-minute Ad Age: What is going to do now that it blew $100 million on an ad campaign that didn't work.

From Adweek:

More detailed story about Obama's 30-minute TV buy, including why McCain probably doesn't have the money to do the same thing.
Your chance to choose the industry's most influential execs. On the list: Warren Buffett, Stephen Colbert and David Kenny.
—Google helps marketers target those ultra-cool iPhone owners. I am not one.
—Two shockers from Nielsen: Financial firms are spending less in advertising and shoppers won't buy as much this holiday season.

From Brandweek:

—Phew! Turns out gum can be good for you.
—Citizen's Bank will give you a dime for every paperless electronic transaction you make. Great for global warming, but can this cure the global financial crisis?

More to come after exercise class ... sorry I neer completed these, gang.

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