Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Facebook advertiser fans scoreboard!*

Facebook wouldn't let me into its press conference about the reinvention of advertising, but I remain undaunted. Therefore, I'm debuting, the first, and maybe last, edition of the Facebook advertiser fans scoreboard, in which we see which advertiser—among those who have already built a profile page on the site—has gotten the most fans. (Advertisers don't get friends on Facebook like the rest of us, apparently. They get fans.) OK, here's the rundown, as of last night:

Sprite Sips: 39 friends (Mr. Sips, who for some reason appears to be holding a spatula, is pictured above)
Blockbuster: 41 friends
CBS' The Amazing Race: 73 fans, including Patrick Keane
Epicurious and Verizon: tied at 74 fans.

And the winner, by a landslide, is ...

The New York Times
with 582 fans!

Congrats NYT! Keep up the good work!

*Study completely unscientific and subject to radical change.

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Shawn said...

Hi, your post brought across some interesting info.. i am myself heading to check out the NY times profile after seeing the figures!

Btw, do drop in sometime at my blog and let me know how u liked what u read...