Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Ray-Ban viral video not so viral

Here's the new Ray-Ban video "Bobbing for Glasses" but so far Cutwater and Ray-Ban aren't impressing me with their viral distribution strategies. Took me half the morning (OK, exaggeration watch) to find it. I know that Cutwater and Ray-Ban are trying to get beyond mere advertising with these videos, but it's still weird that this wasn't tagged Ray-Ban, particularly after the success of the video where the guy catches glasses on his face. Oh well, enjoy.


Unknown said...

Took me ages to find it. Gave up
on searching youtube and find it via google which sent me here:
which echoes your thoughts.

Also includes a dissection of the Ray-Ban byline with consumer

Anonymous said...

not impressed by the creative on this. and two million views? big deal, in the big scheme of things.

It's just hype for Cutwater.