Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And now the new Wendy's work from Kirshenbaum

Now that we've laid the red wig campaign to rest (see below), let's examine the new Wendy's work from Kirshenbaum + Bond, which you can see here at the Ad Age site. (These people sure work fast, don't they?) You can see the tag at right, which says Wendy's is "waaaay better than fast food" well, maybe. As for the whole commercial, which focuses on its version of the Filet-o-fish, it's very product-centric. And it's also exceedingly boring.


Anonymous said...

It’s the typical advertiser’s response to a campaign they hated: go back to focusing on the product. They never seem to realize that all competitors are doing likewise, creating a cornucopia of sameness. Having worked on fast food, it’s common for the advertisers and agencies to constantly seek new ways to depict the yumminess of their products. Too bad there are only so many ways to shoot a sandwich. Even when Dave Thomas was alive, there was still some personality and branding (via Dave). The new tagline invites ridicule. Wendy’s is not waaaaay better than the competition—they’re not even waaay or waay better. And to position itself against fast food is truly mystifying. The red wig campaign was creative masturbation. This new campaign is conservative masturbation. All the masturbation has made Wendy’s executives go blind.

Unknown said...

problem, of course, is that even if you got vermeer to light the frigging burger and kubrick to direct the handmodels and sven nyquist to be the DP, you'd still have the burger you get when you get to the joint.......wasn't wendy dave thomas's daughter? how many foam boards and animatics live out there with the eponymous wendy?