Friday, February 1, 2008

Watch this Coke spot before it comes down

Don't think this Coke spot that will appear on the Super Bowl is supposed to be posted yet, but thanks to our friends at the Associated Press, it is. (Watch, it'll get pulled down if anyone notices.) It features James Carville and Bill Frist, if you didn't know already, and even though it's no "Happiness Factory," it has its moments. Coke has posted some B-roll at, but you can only see it using Internet Explorer. Of course, I am biased. I think that portrait of George Washington on the horse that the two look at in the National Portrait Gallerywas painted by one of my long ago Peale relatives. (Thus, my middle initial.) As you can tell, not one iota of visual artistry made it down the generations to me. Still trying to confirm the agency. Doesn't seem very Wieden-esque to me.

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