Friday, February 29, 2008

What people are saying about Tiger's Gatorade drinks

I was felled yesterday by a stomach virus so sorry for the sparse posting. We'll see what I'm made of today. Anyway, you have to drill down a bit on the new Adweek site, but if you go to the BuzzMetrics section of its DataCenter, there's a daily post by my former AdFreak partner in crime Tim Nudd about what brands are meriting buzz online—and what people are saying. Today's post is about the new Gatorade flavors developed by Tiger Woods, and let's just say the fans are not impressed. Says someone who goes by the handle Dogs That Chase Cars: "Quiet Storm is the grape flavor of the new Tiger drink, and it tastes, well, exactly like Grape Gatorade ... If I was going to pay $100 million to an athlete to pimp a drink, I'd at least change the recipe around." Comments someone else who is obviously painfully aware of Woods' endorsement deals: "If it weren't for the different colors and the creative descriptions of the names on the label, you wouldn't know what the actual flavor was, but you'd sure feel like playing golf, driving a Buick, and shaving with a Gillette razor afterwards." It's counterintuitive for the BuzzMetrics section not to let visitors comment to the posts, but, hey, it's a fun read anyway. Comment amongst yourselves.

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