Friday, February 29, 2008

DDB's online remembrance of Paul Tilley

One last note on Paul Tilley, and one that illustrates how the Web, like any other medium, can be used to good end, not just bad. If you haven't noticed already, DDB has a tribute to Tilley up on the home page of its site. If you click on the "Remembering our friend Paul Tilley" link, you'll find a post from chief creative officer Bob Scarpelli, and 37 comments thus far from people affected by his death a week ago. The people who contributed range from very close colleagues, to an actor who worked on several of his commercials, to those who didn't know him at all. It's worth a read, and some reflection. (The navigation is a little quirky. To see all the comments you have to hit your down arrow key. There's no nav-bar up/down thingie on the right.)

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