Sunday, March 2, 2008

A link to that Beckham/Sharpie commercial

OK, so I didn't find an embeddable copy so far of the David Beckham/Sharpie commercial, but at least I found a link to it. Hard to tell if they really are his hands. Via Boxspots.

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Frymaster Speck said...

Arrrrgh! Beckham. As a US soccer fan, I'm screaming sick of Beckham. Granted, he's extremely marketable, and the hello/goodbye spot was priceless.

This one is jive, IMO. Naturally, I loathe golf. But the whole "I'm autographing my own ball 'cuz I'm so great." What a cop out. They paid for the name, but not the image. They'd have done better with the anonymous hand signing Beckham/Galaxy jerseys. Then they'd have to pay the MLS, too.


Lucky for you, I just deleted my "what Beck's means to US soccer" rant.