Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Checking in with fake Bob Garfield

I'll know I've made it when someone starts a fake blog pretending to be me. Like that's ever gonna happen. However, you may have noticed that Ad Age's Bob Garfield recently entered that realm at NewsGroper.com, where he started "posting" late last month. His "bio," which is sandwiched on the site next to other "bloggers" named Bob Dylan and Bono, explains, "He may never have worked in advertising, but he can fillet an ad faster than anyone on either side of the Mississippi while at the same time railing against Comcast." Of course, I argue that you don't have to work in advertising to be a critic (aren't we all ad critics?), but some of the bombast (Bob-bast?) is dead on. His first "post," about why you should read his blog, states the following: "I am extremely attentive to every strategic, creative and production detail and if you can’t understand why that is important then you are particularly obtuse." I actually like Bob, but c'mon, it's funny.

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