Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'Adweek' has a new editor

No details at this point, but I'm hearing the new person was announced internally, allegedly someone with a heavy data background. Watch this space for more info. UPDATE: OK, here's the skinny. The new editor, who will report to Alison Fahey, is a guy named Michael Chapman who has been most recently at eMarketer, but has spent more of his career at The Economist Group and its data-driven Economist Intelligence Unit. For those who think that Adweek is going to become a house organ for Nielsen data, there's your fodder. As for Fahey, she is becoming publisher/editorial director at Adweek, which has been known for awhile now. I've mainly stayed away from personally commenting about all of the comments made here and elsewhere about her management style. I'll leave it at this: I hope Chapman is a really, really strong personality, because in order to make any kind of imprint, he'll need to be.


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but it’s odd that Adweek.com thinks its own internal reorganization merits lead story status, along with a photo of Fahey. This is another indicator of Adweek’s problems, IMHO. They can’t even recognize what’s really news to visitors. The announcement deserved “below the fold” placement. I’d really like to hear if others disagree with me.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the previous post AND why was the picture of Alison rather than the new editor? The fact that Alison has been "catapulted to a new position" is less of an issue to the industry than the fact that "the other" leading industry trade has a brand new editor. In other words, they buried the lead AND Ad Age would never put the naming of a new editor as lead story.

Anonymous said...

ad age has a brand new editor? what happened to jonah bloom?