Monday, April 21, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 04.21.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

BBDO's strange entry into the printing business.
—Matt Creamer takes a dip into the Venice Festival of Media.
Millward Brown's annual list of the top brands. Tide makes it to no. 6.
Olay for You now appearing at WalMart.
—Horror! Starbucks starts a coupon program.
—Account losses start Element 79 rumor mill.
Layoffs at Campbell-Ewald portend GM's digital budget shift.
—Garfield says ads for the Alliance for Climate Protection are "99% sanctimony free," but that doesn't mean he likes them.

From Adweek:

—More on the return of live commercials.
—Trade publishers, including Adweek owner Nielsen Business Media, create their own online ad network.
—It's never too early to start the upfront.
A huge, comprehensive upfront special report.
—ABC's Mike Shaw on how the upfront is changing, while not going away.
Optimedia's Antony Young on how the upfront is changing, while not going away.
—The digital upfront, such as it is.
—A new branded entertainment venture, Filmaka, has some big backing.
Is Y&R ready to roll?
—Barbara Lippert on the Electrolux appliances campaign featuring Kelly Ripa. Decides Ripa is a hot appliance who doesn't cook. You can see the spots here.

From Brandweek:

—Trying to make The Hulk hot again.
Clorox goes green with its Green Works line.
—And now, the eco-friendly loyalty program.
—Insurance companies upped their ad spend a measly 6 percent in 2007.
Are Crocs road kill?

From Mediapost:

—Pregnant and new Moms are patient zero for word-of-mouth about brands.
Sony advertises about "knowledge transfer" which sounds sort of sci-fi to me.
People who shop green are "gullible" and "confused." Great.
Interpublic chief Michael Roth made $11.1 million in 2007, according to an AP calculation.
100, um, redundancies at AOL's Platform A.
—Jeff Berman to be named MySpace's president of sales and marketing.
Sprint was official wireless provider for the Pope's visit. Would be really impressive if he could text the guy upstairs.
—NBC will re-brand Oxygen. Would be funny if they renamed it too—something like Ozone.
BIGresearch says automotive advertisers spend too much money on TV.
Adweek's not alone. U.S. News & World Report to go to 36 issues a year.'

From The New York Post:

Is Bloomberg LP looking to buy The New York Times Company? Via a Newsweek story.

From The New York Times:

Marines try to recruit chicks.
Gannett's earnings drop 9 percent in the first quarter.
—More on the rise of ad networks.
Sports coverage in the controversial era of the blogger.

From The Wall Street Journal:

—What? Web audience tracking isn't perfect? Free.
Macy's changes again, going local with its marketing. Free.

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