Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Googling Mike Chapman, the new 'Adweek' editor

Like most Adweek watchers, I did a little Googling last night to figure out who Mike Chapman, the new editor, is. Not that I was expecting that I'd know who the new editor was beforehand—most of the usual suspects that I've been in touch with weren't interested in the job—which can be read either way. Either it's a good thing that Adweek went fishing outside of the usual pond, or they've gone so far afield—by not hiring someone with a strict journalism background, but what appears to be a data guy—that the whole enterprise is going to turn into a bunch of long-winded analyst reports and charts. If you remember Adweek as the magazine of breaking news and lengthy features by reporters who could actually write, that would be not so good, but we won't really know what this all means until it happens. OK, here's what I found:

His bio on eMarketer (scroll down a bit).
—A panel he's set to moderate at Digital Hollywood in a couple of weeks.
—The announcement about him going to eMarketer from The Economist in 2005.
A summary of a 2006 report he did about podcasting. You can buy the full report for only $695.
What appears to be his bio as a member of the team at a Web 2.0 company called Simpatico Networks.

Couldn't find him on Facebook, but with a name like Mike Chapman, might be hard to find. (Trust me, as Cathy Taylor, I know).


Anonymous said...

Given Adweek’s alleged goal of focusing more in the digital space—as well as his background with The Economist, which is a great organization on many levels—Chapman looks kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

the real question is if he has the balls to stand up to Alison. Google doesn't tell you that, does it? Are you setting odds?

John Sharpe said...

I'm WAY late to this party, as I see the original post was in 2008. But I just googled Mike Chapman so I could get his email address and write him a letter at how disappointed I am by the demise of both AdWeek and BrandWeek, which, but for a few pages are now copies of each other with very little insightful information. Like I really care what readers of the website think? Looks like hiring an outsider as editor wasn't too good of an idea after all. Bring back Alison Fahey!!!!