Monday, June 16, 2008

Adverganza's Monday afternoon picks, 06.16.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning deadlines when I have the time. (Actually, I've had to be in conference mode all morning. Moderating a panel tomorrow at OMMA Publish, and chairing OMMA Social next Monday.)

From Advertising Age:

—Video of Jonah Bloom on what to look for in Cannes. If once again this year, you're seething with jealousy, don't watch. Apparently no one cares that we're pretty much in a recession and shouldn't be going on boondoggles.
A story to that effect for those of us who actually read.
Will Google gain $1 billion from its Yahoo! deal? And for Google isn't that just a rounding error?
The weird durability of Spam.
Ad spending was up only .6 percent in the first quarter. Not surprising, but it still sucks.
How Traffic won Mitsubishi.
What the hell is Huish Detergents?
Parade's Randy Siegel thinks newspapers might not be dead.
Bob Garfield thinks that BBDO's commercial "Stork" for Monster will win the Grand Prix.

From Adweek:

Walk-up to Cannes by Brian Morrissey and Eleftheria Parpis that's truly a worthwhile read.
Adweek comes up with its own Cannes Lions categories.
—Why figuring out who will win what at Cannes is getting harder and harder.
—Leo Burnett's Mark Tutssel about why the Titanium Lion is so important.
—Colleen deCourcy wants the Cyber Lions dead.
Ongoing coverage of Cannes from AdFreak's obnoxious French cousin, LeFreaque.
Q&A with Jerry Della Femina.
—Why media agencies are expanding beyond media.
—Close-up of Traffic, the little Mitsubishi agency that could.
—What will its decision to partner with Google do to Yahoo's market position?

From The New York Times:

Tony Schwartz, who created LBJ's "Daisy" ad, passes on.
—Yep. Monetizing MySpace isn't as easy as it looked.
—Stuart Elliott on Backchannel Media, which tracks your TV viewing and puts it on your own "personal portal", or something along those lines.

From The Wall Street Journal:

New Nortel campaign says that Cisco's systems suck energy. The campaign's tag? "The Cisco Energy Tax." Ouch. Subscription required.

Hoping to do more headlines later, but have to run. Busy day.


Tom O'Brien said...


You do the BEST monday morning (or afternoon) picks. Thanks


Anonymous said...

So let me get this right: An "entertainment marketing" company who previously had trouble winning a car account, starts a new division called "Traffic" right around the time Mitsubishi signed up with SRI, and ends up winning the business, with 26 employees.

While one could call it a new model, I'm going to call it fishy.

Let's hope Mitsubishi paid the out-of-pocket costs of the competing agencies.