Friday, June 20, 2008

Today in "I didn't go to Cannes", 06.20.08

While you were at the gutter bar, I was looking at tadpoles with my 4-year-old daughter in the Bronx River up in Scarsdale, later sidling up to the bar at Dunkin' Donuts and sharing a strawberry-banana smoothie. Here are the headlines I read about that little ad conference:

—Brian Morrissey is polling visitors to on which buzzword heard at Cannes is "most painfully awesome." The nominees are: digitology, creativology and utilitainment. —Saatchi's Young Directors Showcase.
Up with Belgium and Sweden, down with the U.S.
—Shocker! In a speech at Cannes, Rupert Murdoch calls Facebook "flavor of the month." If that's the case, then MySpace is "flavor of last year at this time."
Adweek's photo gallery at Cannes.
Sir Martin Sorrell coins a new term, "froes", and we're not talking about a hairdo.
—Picture from Sam Faulkner of Ad Age that pretty much sums it up. Other photos here.
—Cole & Weber creative Todd Grant's lovely post about crepes at 3 a.m., marred only by his non-ironic use of the phrase "paradigm shift."
Deutsch's Eric Hirschberg on why it's not all about the Palais.

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