Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today in "I didn't go to Cannes", 06.19.08

Should have concocted this special Adverganza feature earlier in the week, but, hell, been a little busy. Here it is, "Today, in 'I didn't go to Cannes.'" First, wanted to mention that while you all were out partying, I was serving cupcakes at the 5th grade graduation. And now the headlines I read about the advertising event of the year:

—The big winner, so far: HBO's "Voyeur."
Three Cyber Lion Grand Prix (Prixes?) awarded. Jury intentionally didn't pick work "that does not take full advantage of the unique qualities of the medium, but rather simply used it as an efficient means of distribution." Ergo, "Whopper Freakout" doesn't make the cut.
—Weird. Allegedly it's not too late to register.
—Below, a pic taken by Advertising Age of people who are either really tired or really hungover. For more pics, including a nice shot of some unfortunate woman's armpit, click here.

Americans with "caffeine issues."
Grey's Josh Rabinowitz blogs about his music panel.
BBDO's Susan Credle loses voice, drinks warm beer.
JWT_Cannes_08 hears that Coke's "Happiness Factory" isn't aimed at kids.

OK, back to drinking home-made espresso, and contemplating my miserable life.


Anonymous said...

please tell us more about the 5th graders and cupcakes. it's probably far more interesting than the cannes shenanigans. or cannesanigans.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Surely the somnolent attendees pictured would agree...