Monday, August 6, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning pics

Where we scan the Monday morning ad news headlines so you don't have to.

From Advertising Age:

—Matthew Creamer says stand-alone news brands are doomed. Couldn't agree more.
—Al Neuharth says Murdoch's acquisition is "a very good thing."
—Pat Fallon doesn't sound very happy.
Ad Age starts ranking advertising and marketing blogs. It must not be worth anything, because Adverganza's not on it.
—Should Kraft spend or sell?
—Levi's shoots a gay and straight version of a commercial.

From Adweek (no picture of the cover because the link is broken on the site):

—Even more Pat Fallon.
An interview with Robert Senior, the new CEO of SSF (that stands for Saatchi Saatchi Fallon for those of you who weren't paying attention last week.)
—A whole lotta stuff on planning. (This links to only one part of the package. For other parts, click here and scroll down until your joints start to hurt.)
—Joan Voight on making brands healthy.
—Barbara Lippert says (in a manner of speaking) that the first Wal-Mart work from The Martin Agency is as boring as Wal-Mart's court papers are interesting. I've embedded one of the spots below, though it seems to load very slowly.

More to come ...

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