Thursday, August 9, 2007

Zimmerman opens automated ad exchange

More evidence that eventually automated ad buys will be prevalent (OK, there's a bit of personal belief in there, but, hey, this is a blog): Omnicom's Zimmerman Advertising is opening an automated ad exchange called the Z-Media Exchange, per Mediapost. Its aim, similar to SpotRunner's, is to make it easy for local retail advertisers to buy time on radio and TV The most salient point in the story comes via a Zimmerman media executive who offers up the following scenario: "Wickes Furniture finds out on a Friday afternoon that the competition is having a big sale that weekend. My agency calls the local station to try and buy spots for Saturday and Sunday, and we're told to call back on Monday, because no one can turn our buy around fast enough to get it on air. This will never be an issue for our clients again."

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