Wednesday, August 8, 2007

IAG's top ten spots for July, with links!

Just like last month, I'm providing links to the top ten commercials of the month, per IAG Research as a public service, since others run the list but don't link to the spots. Sheesh.

1. Burger King, "Simpsonize Me." (Above, from Crispin, Porter & Bogusky.)
2. JC Penney, "Heart." This commercial from Saatchi & Saatchi is totally, completely worth checking out. The best take on prepubescent love I've seen in years. Really.
3. Toyota, "Backup." Also from Saatchi ... would seem even better if it weren't for the JC Penney spot.
4. Chili's "Spiced Up." Why this would be such a popular commercial, I've no idea. I also have no idea who the agency is, which is probably a good thing.
5. Target, "Dorm Room."
6. Cheez-It, "How does Cheez-It Do It?" Amazingly, yet another commercial that uses round objects rolling down the streets of San Francisco.
7. MasterCard, "MLB Dreams." (Couldn't find.)
8. Target,"Say Hello to Goodbuys."
9. DirectTV, "Signourney Weaver."
10. Target, "Hello, Goodbuy." (This is another in the series, featuring food such as Hershey's Chocolate.)

I'm eight for ten in terms of finding the commercials. If you find the missing ones, please send them along.

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