Friday, August 10, 2007

Get your ad legends here!

So, to refer once again to Mad Men, there was (thankfully?) no 30-second look into the past by Jerry Della Femina, inserted into the show, as had been announced early in the week. However, if you go to the Mad Men Web site, there's an archive of all of the ad legend interviews (to date, I hope, as the list is a bit odd and full of omissions of people many of us would probably love to hear from.) I'm having trouble embedding the video, which is beautifully, and intriguingly, shot, but the full list of people who appear (which can be viewed as a steady stream or as individual soundbites) is: Joy Golden, George Lois, Bob Jeffrey, Charlie Hughes, Lois Geraci Ernst, Evan Stark, Jerry D.F. (pictured above), John Bernbach, Tony Pagano, Martin Puris and Eric Michelson. Yeah, I'm can't remember who everyone on this list is either, and I thought I knew about these things.


Alan Wolk said...

Bob Jeffrey? While he's an impressive guy, I didn't realize he was around back then.

Isn't he about 20 years younger than Lois, Della Femina and Joy Golden? Or just really well preserved?

George Parker said...

Bob is in his late forties or very early fifties. He wasn't even in grade school when George Lois was beating the shit out of everyone at PKL... "Stillmans East." And doing layouts on tablecloths at "The Four Seasons." Ahhh... The good old days.