Thursday, May 17, 2007

Saturn not alone in wanting us to "Rethink American"

So the new Saturn campaign from Deutsch, L.A.—its first since taking the account from Goodby, Silverstein and Partners earlier this year—uses the tagline "Rethink American" and asks us to rethink other things as well. It's not the worst tagline in the universe (get it? Saturn? universe? oy!), but it's not the best either. Every American car brand, from Ford to Chrysler to Chevrolet would like us to rethink American cars, so if the goal is to distinguish Saturn from other automakers, this tag fails. You can see the spot here. The most interesting point the commercial makes is that Saturn produces the most affordable hybrids in America, but since the spot is meant as an umbrella that incorporates all Saturn brands, they probably couldn't focus too much on that. Keep working on it, guys.

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