Monday, July 30, 2007

Art directors at Publicis make $85K a year

Maybe some of you read The New York Times real estate section this weekend looking for a property to buy, but I was attracted to the cover story on those plucky New Yorkers, who, despite the immense handicap of not working on Wall Street, still managed to buy a place of their own, even if it's in some part of NYC that no aspiring power executive would have considered calling home back in the day. Which brings me to Amy Wegenaar, whose biggest problems in the apartment hunt were that she could only pay $250,000 and that she was worried about finding a place "large enough to fit her lunchbox collection, her Spiderman collection and her collection of Jack Skellington dolls in coffins from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'" Needless to say, she's an ad agency art director, who told the paper that her job at Publicis pays her roughly $85,000 per year. I always wonder about people who are so anxious to share their salary info with the entire NYT readership. What do you think the chit-chat was around the Publicis water cooler today? Anyway, Ms. Wegenaar can be found with her collections in a one-bedroom in Ditmas Park.


Alan Wolk said...

The other thing that bugs me about those articles is that so many of the people are clearly living off of trust funds or parental gifts.

I mean how many "works as a party planner, while her husband, 32, a sculptor and conceptual artist" types buying $4 million lofts in TriBeCa do we really need to read about?

Anonymous said...

I think the whole point of this article was to demonstrate that "normal" people with out trust funds or parental help can do this kind of thing... maybe you should actually try reading the article fully!