Monday, August 13, 2007

Dull midwestern Wikipedia entries, stealth disco

As all of you ad types are being incredibly dull this week, figured it was time to go back to posting stuff about different agencies' Wikipedia entries, and then I got to the C's. As for Campbell Ewald, let's put it this way—an agency that's been around for 96 years can be summed up in 104 words. Whoever wrote Campbell Mithun thinks advertising is simply a matter of coming up with catchy taglines, as in "Brilliant!" for St. Ives. Meanwhile, there's an opening for someone to write up the history of Carmichael Lynch, although no one has thought it necessary to spend quality time on that project so far. Lastly, Cramer-Krasselt's main contribution to the universe (according to Wikipedia, anyway) is that it created stealth disco: "Stealth disco (or SD) refers to the act of being videotaped dancing or rocking out behind or near someone who is doing something serious and does not notice." Bet you didn't know any of that, did you? OK, now that I've gone through the Wikipedia entries of four Midwestern agencies—if they existed at all—I've come to the sort of conclusion that only a snob from New York (or San Francisco) could make: midwestern ad agencies are way too behind the times to have noticed Wikipedia, except for those happenin' stealth disco creators.

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