Friday, August 17, 2007

Wendy's red wig guy now in freezer

Starting to like this Wendy's campaign more and more, particularly the ads that feature "red wig guy" (though I'm not sure he's always played by the same actor). I guess I'm hung up on RWG because using him as a device is inspired in a Monty Python sort of way, and also, looking at it from a marketing perspective, RWG obviously ties back into the brand. The latest in the RWG series is contained in this "Best Ads" reel I found on YouTube—unfortunately I haven't been able to find it broken out separately but figuring it's a Friday in August, if you're really interested you can fast forward to 2:17 on the tape to see it, or not fast forward and see ads for new 5 gum and Campbell's Soup, besides! Anyway, this time around, RWG finds himself in the freezer at a Wendy's restaurant. On the Wendy's Web site is another version of this commercial (click on the visual all the way to the right), only when the Wendy's trainee opens the door of the freezer this time, he's confronted by a trio of Shakespearean actors instead of RWG. Lines like "Pray tell trainee nave," are funny, but the Shakesperean actors are no match for RWG. Keep up the good work, or Lovemarks, or whatever, Saatchi.

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