Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GoDaddy Super Bowl promo starting already

Not sure you could go wrong considering everything that comes out of the mouth of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons as being promotional in nature. So, I'm going to chalk up his contention on his blog the other day that the company might not advertise on the Super Bowl next year as a negotiating ploy. Says Bob, "Advertising during the Super Bowl is 'super' expensive. Consider that a 30 second spot is $2.7 million. Then figure 2 or 3 spots, then add another few million or so to produce several commercials — we never seem to get the first couple approved — and then include the cost of concurrent promotions, the total cost will exceed 10 million dollars." Also, consider that those spots that never get approved are, um, self-induced. AD-DENDUM: So, GoDaddy tried to reach me by phone and email this afternoon to see if I'd seen Parsons approach. What was that I was saying about everything he says being promotional? It's not that the folks at GoDaddy read Adverganza (yet). It was because of a story I wrote about blogging CEOs for Adweek earlier this year.

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