Friday, August 31, 2007

Geico spots featuring those other cavemen

Best I could do in terms of finding the new Geico spots was this link to the Flintstones commercial on Adweek. Surprisingly, there's no mention of those other cavemen in this spot, which, like a similar one featuring The Beverly Hillbillies, is presented as a, um, mock-u-mentary uncovering how each fictitious family could really afford certain aspects of their lifestyle. (In Wilma's case, it's that necklace made of huge rocks.) Of course, the answer is by buying insurance from Geico. I don't think the Flintstones spots are any match for the earlier caveman spots, but, as you may have noticed if you're a regular reader, the Geico spots continue to fascinate. The campaign's singular achievement, I think, is that it's really a bunch of campaigns running more or less concurrently. I can't think of any other advertiser that runs four or so completely different efforts and still makes the message so memorable that no one ever mistakes the geckos, cavemen, Beverly Hillbillies and those ads featuring Little Richard and the Movie Voiceover Guy as being for any other company. Having a big budget helps, but much of it has to do with The Martin Agency's idiosyncratic approach to crafting a campaign.

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